This is just the story of myself and my family.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I don't like time like this. I mean the very Sunday late afternoon. Because it means tomorrow is another working day. Just hate the 84 km driving. i think I am already stressful. Can't deny it.

I still remembered when I was young, indeed very young, I told my late mother not to sleep in the afternoon. I used to see her taking her nap without fail then. I told her if she fall asleep then night will fall then. She told me night will fall no matter whether she sleep or not. Later, so much later then I understood it.

May be that's why you called it Black Monday. Other days are not that bad then.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


On certain day of my life, how to say you just pass through without much luck. I am not expecting anything great, just a normal one will do. Nothing to think about. But this happening - is in fact some great moments about my time.

Like my driving. For one thing I am expecting I will drive one kilometer within a span of one minute. So for 42 km I will take at most 45 minutes - an extra 3 minutes. I usually beat this time on my way to work. So far I only involved with two unfortunate journeys, one - when the landslide occurred somewhere near Selayang sometime late last year and two - just last Saturday 15 March 2010 when a lorry carrying full load of bricks met an accident somewhere at the end of the one lane road before Tesco Rawang. That Saturday cost me about fifty minuted late than usual. But that landslide I just turned around and went home.

On my way home - I can say I am always not so lucky. Sometime it started with the traffic light near the Nasi Ayam Restaurant, about one kilometer near school. To pass that trafficlight took nearly fifteen minutes. Then it continued with the fruit stall before Rawang and went on until Tesco. The road leads to then, I considered quite lonely where I could drive 140 km/h - that near Rawang Craft College. I must drive fast here because I couldn't get anywhere later to drive fast. Usually I just beat 120 km/h here.

Diving on I will pass the National Mosque. How do I say? I am the one who didn't get any blessing as I passed it twice a working day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


We went to Cameron on the first thought without much thinking. We were from Ipoh about 2.00 pm and reached Tapah by 6.00 pm. Hardly less than four hours the journey. By 9.30 pm we reached home.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


We were in a boat cruise in Kuala Terengganu Taman Tamaddun Islam

(This is what was recorded in my E63, texted when he was driving)
Now both of us are in Kuala Terengganu since 4.30 am on 24 April. We were from KL about 9.30 pm last night. We are now staying in Hotel Teratai Tenang for RM40 the short night.