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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FOR TODAY 20-10-2010

It's quite sometimes that I didn't post any news here. Actually there were a lot of happening really but I supposed I was just lazy and at times I read. I have to have an entry today because of the lovely numbers.

I managed to read two novels - a sequence actually - The Missing Piece Part I and part II. Both are over 700 pages thick, beautifully written by Fatimah Busu. The story revolved around Imrah and her two husbands Lawrence Joehari and Charlie. They stayed in Penang and some parts in Kuala Lumpur. Imrah studied hard and got her PhD and worked as a lecturer in USM. I like this part of the story because I studied in USM too and the scenes were memory lanes to me.

Now for four consecutive weekends I am fully occupied with school works. With meetings and works, works and works. There are mountains of papers to sign. With only Sundays as my free days I felt it is never enough of time. One thing about all these is I still have my weight on. It never less as if nothing really matters.