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Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have the chance to listen to this talk about the Malays ghosts compare to other ghosts of other races. (Surprising - ghosts have their own ethic groups too)

One - the Malay ghosts are always imagined (or is it seen? ) to be dirty , sloppy dresser and never had any shoes (they don't need because they don't walk) while the British or may be American ghosts seen on tv are always dressed smartly, in fact some with tuxedo and of course with shiny latest fashion shoes. The Chinese ghosts have their complete costume with their head dresses and shoes on.

Two - the Malay ghosts are sometimes seen with not enough limbs like they never have any feet. That is the reason for not having any shoes. This tanggulung thing has only its head and intestines with no other limbs. All other races ghosts are just like human may be not in the same proportions, look at frankenstein.

Three - the Malay ghosts never talk, may be they are deaf or even dumb, which made them look silly but the other ghosts talk with well behave manner, see An Interview with the Vampire. The Malay ghosts can only scream and snarl to people which make us afraid of them. One thing in common here, all types of ghosts can laugh like a hyena.

Four - the Malay ghosts, like toyol sucks blood from its owner toe but the vampire sucks the blood from beautiful women's neck. Actually this is the greatest insult to the Malay ghosts then.

But one thing here, the Malay graveyards are places you would like to avoid. They are full of weeds and dark scary places. Unlike the Chinese graveyards, they are beautiful and you don't mind snapping photos there. Their offices are equipped with air-conditioned.

Actually I just didn't like this topic to be posted in my blog but it is rather interesting and funny when presented in the talk.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I just hope I will be more patience in whatever I do. Thinking at this age I simply must behave like my age. This is not a resolution at this time of the year.

These days I am always tired after driving home that 17 km. It used to take nearly one hour of my life everyday. That MRR2 never ceased with cars with drivers going home like me too. I am trying to be patience everyday of my working life. I have to say I must be thankful because not everybody has the chance to drive to the city on their way to work. How not to say tired after being behind the wheel for all these while which is already more than a year now?

And on top of it being tired is just normal for everybody. But I told myself just be patience. There must be something better behind this. Always think positively at this very age of life. And don't demand anything from anybody even from someone close to you. Just be patience. Even if the world comes to an end. The world is still sweet out there. After all one can't bring everything you have in your coffin once you left. So just let go. You die poorly alone. So why trouble yourself. So just act wisely like your age.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Somehow work is never sweet. At times it is boring. As always it is time consuming.
Never mind. What a day.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


We went to Ayam Penyet Bandar Seri Permaisuri for dinner to celebrate Ucin's 23rd birthday. By the way, he is now in Guanzhou until this Tuesday.

For a twenty-three year old young man, he is now working in CIMB Bank somewhere in Petaling jaya and he just bought a new red Persona beginning of the month. Love you son. Be a sholeh son. Amin

Saturday, July 16, 2011


It is not easy for us to get together at this age. For five of us to have dinner in a stall is a happenning. Thankyou for pak Itam to organize this.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Somehow you just simply don't have to expect anything
que sera sera
what will be will be
Then you are happy I suppose
Don't demand anything
don't hope for something
don't ask anything
never wish something
just let time go by
then life is sweet forever
You still can smile