This is just the story of myself and my family.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Both of us went to Malacca today. We managed to go up the Taming Sari Tower right in the middle of the city. It costs us only RM10.00 because we were from Selangor. They were still on promotional rate. Beautiful view of the landmarks.

The afternoon I witnessed the SBP Journee Culturelle Francaise held at Pekarangan Muzium Yang di Pertua Negeri Banda Hilir, Melaka. It was officiated by Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Datuk Seri Utama Mohd Khalil bin Yaakob, Yang di Pertua Negeri Melaka.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Both of us left Kangar early Sunday morning at about 8.15 am. We went to Arau Railway Station to have a good breakfast of nasi dagang. A plate of nasi dagang and a cup of tea tarik cost us only RM4.20. When we were enjoying the dishes, a train from the south stopped at Arau Station around 9.00 am and really quite a lot of passengers departed from the train. I felt quite thrilled because it was such an experience to see the train again after quite sometime.

We then stopped in Ipoh to visit his father and his new nephews. We also stopped in Tapah to see a new school. We reached home at 7.15 pm after having fried rice in Batang Kali.


Both of us left Bee Garden Motel around 7.30 am because we wanted more time with Ita. We fetched her from her college and we went to Kangar to visit my sick father. We then had breakfast in Kangar.

When we reached Nan's house Mak Yan was already packed to go back to Seri Manjung with her friend. She spent the whole week of school holiday in Kangar.

The three of us later went to the store in Kangar to buy some Ita's things.

Caption shows my sister Norihan and brother Hasnan. She was driving all alone from Butterworth.

After having lunch in Nan's house, the three of us went to Taman Ular. There are quite a lot of snakes there with few other animals.

Later we went to Padang Besar to get some brooches.

On the way back to sent Ita to Changloon we passed Chuping to witnessed the beautiful sugarcane plantation. It looks like such a vast field because the sugarcane is still young. Nan said the plantation takes one-quarter the size of Perlis state.

Wave goodbye to Ita. We'll see again in one month time when she finish her study there. Love you. May you success always.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I hardly imagined myself I will be in Alor Star to-night after two weeks stints in IAB. To-day after the goup presentation and the 50 objective questions test I drove home not waiting for the others. I reached Semashyur about 4.00 pm. After unpacked my things and repacked again, made up the house wherever necessary we started north at about 5.30 pm. We reached Bee Garden Motel around 11.00 pm. I really tired with all these happenings. This is posted in Bee Garden.
Caption showing he was singing along with the Klasik Nasional (9.00 - 10.00 pm)while driving north.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Being alone at home made me think of those love ones which I will see them may be at this coming weekend. Insyaalah

You asked me some money, so son I had banked in today. Hoping you can survive that.
You are in UITM Shah Alam

Abang, we had some time yesterday. We went to KLIA and Low Yatt Plaza together. Hope you are happy with your job. You are in KL home all alone for more than three years already

You are in Kundasang now. Just wish you the very best of your time there. Read Sinar paper today. You face is there.

Ita do study. You are in KMK Changloon, insyaallah you will there just for another month. Hope you are fit and fine. Love you

Ayah. Hope I can visit you in kangar after I finish this course. Please do wait for me. I love you.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Early morning at 7.00 am today, me and our first son Malik, sent you to KLIA. You were going to Kundasang for your meeting.
Both of us later went to Low Yatt Plaza and I bought him the hard disk cost RM1094.00.


Last night 13 Mac 2009, I managed to follow him to his Semashur High Table with the appearance of Tn Hj Suhaimi Rashid PPD Hulu Selangor