This is just the story of myself and my family.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ucin reliasing this is his last moment in Semashur.
He is packing.

We have our last moment here at 5.28pm 30 June 2009 Tuesday after staying in this spacious bungalow for five years seven months.

This first entry is done in my new "old" house. We left the Semashur house at 5.32 pm when Klasik Nasional released 'Di manakan ku cari ganti?' by P Ramlee.

Uploading this takes a lot of time since Malik is using Maxis broadband while in Semashur we used Streamyx.

We are both really tired and the house here is in a mess. We don't do anything about it. We played the games on line instead.


Come 30th June 2009 Tuesday, this is the last day in SEMASHUR. Thank you zillion much. Do take good care of yourself as we had shared for more than five years together. May you are in rahmat Allah.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Yesterday Sunday I was still busy running around waiting for him with Ucin in LCCT. He was coming home from Kucing. The Terminal is small and just fine. But the food is damned expensive. I and Ucin traveled nearly 120 km from Semashur to get there.

Later we went to our Kl house and visit the other 'new' house. It is still not ready.
We reached Semashur home nearly 10.00 pm after having dinner in front of SMSS. That was our second time there and the service was very fast. You get your food in less than ten minutes.

Today Monday I came home early from school to continue the packing. By about 3.00 pm we had lunch organized by the non academic staff of Semashur at the Woods. They held a barbeque actually for him. Thank you again.

The night even though we are still full we go to Sepakat for our last night here just to have roti canai and drinks. Thank you Batang Kali, the spaces, the times, the moments, the rezeki, the people, whatever, whoever, thankyou thankyou thankyou. I just don't know when we have the opportunity to be like this again ever in this life. These five to six years was a space gifted to our family to be here. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Living in this house is very comfortable as the rooms are very spacious. It has five rooms with a very big master bedroom. I never really decorate the house whatsoever as we knew it staying here is just momentarily. This bungalow is furnished. We just brought our few belongings like washing machine and our clothes. It was sometime end of the year 2003 that we started living in this house. For the first few months, we used to go back to KL house every weekend right after Friday afternoon something like not to be out of sight of KL. We came back here on Sunday morning then. But after sometime we were tired of traveling (the distance is about forty-four km the furthest from Semashur to Taman Midah) and the kids preferred to stay put. And quite after sometime later this Semashur house is home to us. It was not that homely anymore for the KL house. Now we have to go back to our very own house in that Taman Midah.

My two kids Ucin and Ita stayed here in their young teenagers days. Ita started with Form 2A in SMK Bandar Baru Batang Kali, later in Form 3B. She just managed to go through her PMR here. Then in 2006 I took her to SMK Syed Mashor for Form 4 Science 2 taking Principle of Acounts together with Physics, Chemistry and Additional Maths as her electives. But then she continued to SM Teknik Seri Manjung, Perak. I am glad and syukur for that action because she excel her studies there. I don't think she could managed that good if she continued staying here with us. Ucin started here with Form 4 Science 2 taking Principle of Accounts, Physics, Chemistry and Additional Maths. He later was appointed as a school prefect and managed quite a good result for his SPM. For those two years 2004 and 2005, I used to sent them to school every day. Ita will take the front seat and Ucin the back. I drove my Wira WHL 1337. I remembered I used to drop them at the t- junction near their school. I didn't have the time to watch them walking to school. Somehow I regretted that as I too have to go to school to work. Ayah used to take both of you home. Now there is a mosque at the junction there. Thank you SMK Bandar Baru Batang Kali -my kids' school.

Now both of them are in UITM. How fast time flies. They have become young adults. As I go to work everyday , the clock ticking , I feel time is something you just simply can't grasped. Of course. What I mean - nothing is eternal. Today is suppose to be our third last day here.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


The three of us started at 8.00 am from Semashur home. We stopped at Masjid Shah Alam for a nice and rather cheap breakfast.
After parking the car, we took the University bus which was provided and headed for Kolej Mawar. The registration was very smooth as they only gave the college key. Ita is getting Blok 1A Level 4. We have to climb the four stairs. To be honest the room is very small for four people. Matriculation college hostel is far bigger. One UITM college can accomadate 3500 students.
Just hope for the best to Ita. Love you girl. Ayah will only visit you later as he is now in Kucing.


The first lady
She was married to a man named similar to her. When he passed away because of an accident she married another man who was supposed to be her former lover. All this took place less than one year. Her second husband is just an odd job worker while her first one was an education officer.
The second one
She is married to a man who is now not working. Meaning she has to provide the food on the table. And man is still egoistic and bossy even though you are no longer working.
The third lady
She is now undergoing syariah court for divorce. Her husband is younger than her and he is a factory worker?
The fourth lady
She is married to a man of the same profession but of lower educational background.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Today I take a leave and take my two kids to do our blood test for thalassemia in Cheras KL (nearest home). Ucin had to do further test. We will know the result in two months time. Then we do some final shopping for Ita in Tesco Cheras before having lunch near the Velodrome.
I really felt tired because I have to pack and tidy for three houses. The present one I had to clear everything - leave everything like it should be. And I have to make do our very own house which we have left for more than five years. Well the other house may be I will take a step backward.
I felt regret that I didn't go to school to see what happen there. They had their camping in school area for the students course.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


These captions were taken by Ita on her last day in KMK.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Call it brain fog. Scientifically known as cognitive dysfunction. Easy way - I am just forgetful.
Last night I searched frantically where I kept the handset. Ita found it around 12.00 in her room, I just didn't remember when I entered her room. I searched everywhere except her room.
This morning I also forgot where I kept it. The house phone is no longer working to make a miss call. Ita's phone has no credit.
And now I think I left it in the drawer - in school. What a luck .

Now. now. In fact I forgot almost about anything once they are out of sight.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


At 4.00 pm today the small lorry came to take our few things to KL. It was just a fridge, washing machine, his massage chair, an aquarium, a few big flower pots and a small cupboard. The books had been ferried these few days by our own cars whenever we when to KL. He went later to KL by himself. The house here is still in a mess and I have no time really because I have to struggle for Ita's medical check-up and whatever.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Somehow the world is not coming to an end. One good news is enough to cheer our hearts. Ita is getting a place in UITM doing Actuarial Science for six semesters. I am happy for Ita because the university is near home. We won't be travelling so far now. Syukur alhamdullilah

Friday, June 19, 2009


I supposed it's seems natural to take amlodipine once you are above fifty. It is a bonus if you still survive at this age with the tablet around. I must not deny this myself.
For my own record yesterday I went to see the doctor and had my blood pressure taken, he advised me taking the tablet. Actually I didn't feel so good since Wednesday. So I have two days MC Thursday 18 June and Friday 19 June.
Since he has to service two schools now for the time being, he travels to and fro every day. And I managed to follow him to KLCC while he had his symposium there. While waiting I bought Ita a Swatch wristwatch costs RM325. We don't buy anything really because my feet ache.
I am really busy with the house actually. I have to cramp everything. We only have four rooms and they are small compared to the one with the government quarter. Once Ita told me she wanted the master bed room to herself and both of us should take her room. Well . . . . this is our very own house.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Happiness never means that you must have a thick pocket. It does not come from the post you are holding neither nor the moments you are laughing. You must make yourself happy. You have to create the happiness yourself.
At the moment two of my kids are not that healthy - Ita had been diagnosed as having sero negative arthritis while Malik inherits beta thalassemia - genetic blood disorder. He just knew it two days ago when he visited the same clinic which did the blood test two years ago. Whatever that happened life has to go on. I regretted not giving much attention to my kids earlier.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


These were taken to capture his coming home from a 'former' school.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today is the last day of the sixteen days holiday. Where have I been really?
The first four days I managed to go Kangar and Langkawi (only one day) with Mak Yan and Ita to visit my old man really. With that I went to Seri Manjung. I hope to go again to Manjung - like last time when Ita was studying there.
I went to our KL house with him to send our things there. Suppose this will be the last month in Ulu Yam. We also went to a wedding.
The last two days both of us went to Ipoh to visit his father and for their mother's kenduri arwah.
In between time I went to school for four days. Do some marking, read my books, tried drawing a logo for PPT6S. Most of the surf the net. Bless everybody

Monday, June 8, 2009


On our way back from Kangar we stopped in Kamunting for our old man's house. Now the house is left unattended. Our father is now in Kangar. I supposed because it is easier for him to do his dialysis three times a week there. Nobody could take him if he stays on in Kamunting.
I don't have that much memory there since I left my parent's house when I entered SM Teknik Pulau Pinang when I was in Form 4 1972 and later to SM Teknik Kuala lumpur for Form 6. I used to go back here for all my holidays as a student. I got married here too in 1981 . My confinement was here too when I had Malik back then in 1985.
All my brothers and sisters were married here. We spent most of our holidays and hari raya here. My mother passed away on 18th January 2004. Her last moment was here too. In fact I called this my hometown even though I was born in Kuala Selangor.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


May be this will be the last night we spend together. After this by next week it will be another story. Ucin and Ita are here now with us and we had dinner at Sepakat. May be next moment it will be in KL. Don't know when we will come again here as last time. It's just a question and the answer is it will be never again in this life. Life has to go on. Thankyou in advance Hulu Yam - Semashur - thank you again.