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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Actually I am not that keen anymore with blogging. Everybody is busy with Facebook these days. To update this is a big problem then.

Well, this two days holiday we went to JPO, Johor Premium Outlet. I didn't buy anything interesting really. I just wanted to go and have a look.

I managed to talk to a lady whom I think had the impression that JPO is just like Nilai 3. What a pity.

The Coach layout is exactly the same as Citygate in Hong Kong. The cheapest bag is still over 1K. I can't find Swatch there.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The two of us went to Manjung Mak Yan's house, Lumut and later to Seri Iskandar, a new town. On the way home we then decided to go to Ipoh, to his sister's house. We reached home nearly 11.00 pm while left home at about 7.30 am.
We used to go to Manjung at least once a forthnignt those four years ago when Ita did her form 4 and 5 there.