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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I still love my City.

Today and yesterday I have to drive his crv to work. My City had some noise if I turned on the pedals. I hardly have my City less than five years and I bought it brand new, meaning I am still paying it's installment monthly.

So from my experience of driving both cars, I love my City more. Why? Because I can speed up to 140 km/h within seconds but not with a crv. I have to admit crv is very stable and you have a feeling of comfort and big there. But I like speed better. Remember I am driving 84 km per working day. End of this June I have been driving that 84 km per working day for a complete one year. I can't afford to drive slow as taking my sweet time. Just can't stand it. I can't afford to spend more than two hours a day just behind the wheel. We have other things to do.

I have been travelling with my City for about 54 months or four and a half years with about 116700 km. Faster than the normal rate. Or I can say less than three months for my 5000 km service.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I came again to Cameron Highlands for the second time this year. I think about a month duration. We were from Kota Bharu and went home through Gua Musang but actually this way is much much further than the usual way. Just bought green tea

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kota Bharu

Both of us are now in Kota Bharu since yesterday. He has his meeting as usual before the school holiday so I follow him.
We managed to have lunch at Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo yesterday.
This time only the two of us are going and we are staying in Grand Riverview Hotel. Today I had the chance to go Pasir Panjang as their activities to the principal's families. I really don't buy abything just a few scarves and a dozen rollerball Parker refill since I considered them quite cheap. I got it RM7.20 each in Pasir panjang but in Kota Bharu, it costs only RM5.20. I remembered in KL, in Alor Star, in Kangar, in Batang Kali it costs me RM8.90. I got it once in Taman Midah Rm8.00.